How to make Junk food Healthy

All of us know that kids love junk food, they can eat anything and everything in Junk, but obviously, we moms don’t allow that, our conscious doesn’t let us serve them anything in Junk. There is always a fight between a Mom and a Child on this Topic. This lockdown has definitely opened doors to make junk food healthy by making it at home. Without the privilege of restaurants, we have enhanced our cooking skills for sure.

For a Child, taste & the name that you give the dish matters a lot & presentation as well.

Junk food like burgers, Pasta, Pizza, Noodles, Bread is a child’s favourite.

Some of us try making bread at home as well, but not everything is possible, so giving wheat bread once a week is fine. Nowadays, we have brands selling wheat bread & Buns, apart from that, we have a lot of home bakers who are into baking and selling, we can definitely find the right person.

The patties for the burger can be made with mixed vegetables, can be made with Chickpea, Avocado, if you don’t want to use potato you can use Raw Banana, to make the patties crispy, you can use rice flour, Sooji, or Poha instead of Cornflour & Maida.

Maida can be replaced with whole wheat Flour or Multigrain flour, if certain things can be made only with Maida, you can make the ratio 50% Flour and 50% Maida. Like for white sauce in pasta, you can use whole wheat Flour and Ragi powder, it gives an amazing taste and flavour, I never use Maida for white sauce, you also get Whole Wheat pasta.

Pizza bread and Garlic bread can be made with wheat as well if you don’t want to use store-bought whole wheat bread. There are plenty of recipes for a wheat-based Pizza base and wheat-based garlic bread.

Avisha, on her 3rd birthday, asked me for 3 things, 1. Maggie 2. Ice cream 3. Chocolate, I knew I was going to make everything at home, but how was a question.

After thinking a lot, I decided to get Ragi Noodles for her, So I added veggies to it, boiled the noodles, and added normal salt and pepper, she enjoyed it so much and didn’t really ask for Maggie.

Next was Ice cream, I did a little research on this, and being Mango season, I decided to make Mango Ice cream. The recipe is as follows:


1. 1 cup cut mangoes or any fruit that you want ice-cream of.

2. 1/2 cup grated cottage cheese

3. 1/2 cup Hunk Curd.

4. Mishri/ Sugar Candy for sweetness

Mix the first three and whip well with a beater. Add Mishri/ Sugar Candy towards the end, depending on your preferred choice of sweetness. Whip until the texture is smooth and fluffy.

Store in an airtight container and freeze it.

You can also add a few mango pieces, depends on preferability.

The next thing she asked for was Chocolate, so I made a Ragi chocolate cake for her, you can follow any chocolate cake recipe for this, for the flour if they have mentioned 1 cup flour then you can use half a cup whole wheat flour and half cup Ragi flour, also I used Ghee instead of Butter & Mishri instead of Sugar.

Serving our children right is really important, you don’t have to feel bad if you don’t want to give them store-bought food. Just have a balance we shouldn’t deprive them completely of chocolates, Ice-creams, etc., as if we do so, they might think of other ways to satisfy their wishes.

If you think you child is too much into junk eating, talk to them about the side affects of eating Junk food, if they ever fall sick, relate it to their junk eating habit.

Be a role model, if you eat anything you don’t want your child to eat then obviously, they are going to demand for it, so you have to start eating right first.

Take them to the super market and show them the wide range of healthy food available, add colours to their diet, for example, if they are bored of eating Idly, then you can make Green Idly (Palak Idly), Orange Idly (Carrot Idly) Red Idly (Beetroot Idly) the same can be done with rice and chapatis as well.

Serving the right way really matters a lot.

Always have healthy snacks ready which will satisfy their cravings of chocolates and other unhealthy stuff.

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