Yummy and Tasty Immunity Booster

The world now is working on building immunity. Some people are following the sourest of the sourest formulae and some are adapting spicy formulae. Amidst this, it’s the children who are getting affected. They have to go through the same sour stuff, so what is it that we are doing to take care of our immunity and not spoil our taste buds.

She can have this juice at any point in time

It’s the “Homemade Amla Sharbat” also known as “Goose Berry Syrup”. The thought of having Goose berries must be really weird but what if it tastes yummy and is toddler approved. Yes this is one such recipe which is loaded with Vitamin C and has all healthy ingredients that are needed to boost our immunity during this pandemic.


  • Amla/ Goose Berries- 1 Kg
  • Ginger- 100 Gms
  • Lemon- 8 Medium size pieces
  • Mishri or Rock Sugar- 1 Kg
  • Water 3 Glasses
Goose berries, grated and then strained
Ginger Juice

Grate the Amla, Ginger and keep it aside, take out juice of the lemons, and make syrup by mixing sugar and water together, make sure it doesn’t become very thick, to check if the syrup is ready take one drop in between your fingers and check how sticky it is, you will see a single string being formed don’t let it boil to two strings.

Now strain the sugar syrup into another bowl, strain all the other ingredients into that bowl too and let it cool, empty it into a glass bottle once cooled and store it in the fridge.

Serve 2 tbsp of syrup with 150 ML of water, alter depending on the sweetness.

Vitamin C is the best way to fight Covid, Lemon & Amla are rich in Vitamin C, Ginger is an excellent ingredient for boosting immunity, so what more would you need if you get all the three in a Juice. This recipe is loved by all. You can drink up to 2 glasses in a day, preferably in the mornings or in the noon, avoid post 6.

P.S Recipe Courtesy my Mother in Law, she is a pro in making homemade stuff.

11 Comments Add yours

  1. Vaishali S says:

    This is super healthy… Amla is the best source for immunity.. Will try to make this at home..


  2. Mayuri6 says:

    This sharbat sounds very delicious indeed and the smile on Avisha’s face says it is too. Going to make this for myself as well. Thanks for sharing your Mom in Laws recipe.


  3. Alpana Deo says:

    Fresh sharbat always taste great. I wish I could get Amla here. But will share this recipe with my mom and sister in India.


  4. Dr. Surbhi Prapanna says:

    this recipe is super amazing in boosting immunity. my mom used to make amla murraba and we used to love it so much specially during winter. will try you recipe for sure.


  5. Cindy Dsilva says:

    Wow glad she’s enjoying something that’s good for her. Mostly the kids want only perfectly sweet things. She’s drinking it so willingly, it makes me want to drink it too.


  6. Pr@Gun says:

    This looks yummy immunity booster with lemon and amla along with ginger. Surely will try. Refreshing Vitamin C booster it is.


  7. Harjeet Kaur says:

    Thanks for this awesome recipe..amla is in season now and I will surely make this


  8. Thank you for sharing this easy to prepare home-friendly and kid-friendly recipe to boost immunity. I will certainly try it out.


  9. Making kids eat multivitamin is a pain. This is a fun way to ensure they get their share of vitamin c


  10. Yumm, this recipe looks really good. Will try it for my twinnies.Thanks for sharing it.


  11. Arushi says:

    Sounds yummy!! Thank you for sharing!! Will try for sure!!


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