Parenting Tales with a Celiac Child – Ebook Review

May and June has been great, my first eBook got launched along with 60 other books all across India, each with a different story and emotion.

For me writing is not just writing it’s an emotion, your writing shows what’s in your heart. You can totally get to know a person by their style of writing.

When I downloaded this book by Dr. Jyoti Arora who was very passionate about her career and with family support completed her PhD in Biotechnology. Can you imagine she wrote her last exam one day before she delivered. Mom of 2 adorable children, a home maker, a blogger, a poet. I didn’t know a single thing about her or about what Celiac is. Frankly speaking I have never heard about this disease until I read her book.

Once you start reading this book, you will want to explore more on what this disease is all about, there will be an eagerness to complete this book.
After I finished reading the book, I literally felt like going and meeting Dr. Jyoti Arora, wanted to give her a salute and a hug for all what she has been going through.

What is Celiac Disease?

It’s a disease where the child is allergic to Gluten, imagine life without Wheat, imagine how tough it would be to raise such a child, to handle such emotions.

She had to completely switch to a different kitchen itself, she has to carry gluten free food even during travel. She has to switch like a pendulum from her Gluten free kitchen to the normal kitchen and she has to cook for the entire house.

She has tried everything Gluten Free, hopped on to zillion of stores to hunt for gluten free products, snacks etc. She has done A to Z research on what to give and what not to give.

Don’t miss out the “quotes” under each chapter summarizing the chapter in a Gist.
If you are raising a child with Celiac disease then you should check this book out. I could feel her while reading the book, the pain that she had gone through and also the pain that the child has to bare life long. No normal parties no normal routine. But she and her family have accepted things positively and she has sacrificed her entire life for her child.

I would definitely read more on this, to know more on how to avoid this disease and if suddenly the child eats something that contains gluten what are the immediate measures to be taken.

It is very important to be aware of such facts especially related to children, as it took them more than a month to identify what is reason for the child’s illness.

Adding below the link of the eBook do give it a read I’m sure a lot of you would be ignorant about such a disease. You never know what might help who.

I’m sure had it been me in her place I wouldn’t have been able to do so much.
A big salute to Dr. Jyoti, I’m a real fan of yours and would love to talk to you.
Download the book here

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