5 things to make your child do in the Kitchen

Our major concern is to cook with the child, we always opt for completing the cooking before the child gets up, why not we include the child in the kitchen chores.

There are certain things that a toddler can help up with in the Kitchen

🍎Sorting out Fruits and Vegetables, this can be started right from 18 months, once the child learns to recognize fruits and veggies they can start sorting. Now as Avisha is 34 Months, once we are back from the market I ask her to Shelf the fruits and the basic veggies. This way she helps me out and also learns about the Veggies and Fruits.

They can also help in washing fruits & Veggies.

🍵Shelving the Vessels after it’s wiped, after the age of 3.5 they can be relied on Wiping the vessels but putting the dishes back in place can be started from 2.5 itself.

After my MIL or I wipe the dishes Avisha helps in putting the dishes back in place.

This helps in increasing the memory of the child, the child recollects on what is kept where.

☘️Peeling Greens, greens like curry leaves can be easily taken out by a child of 2.5 plus.

Avisha helps in peeling the curry leaves it helps in hand eye coordination.

🥣Mixing, a child can help in mixing or beating, like mixing powdered things together or mixing any batter or whisking butter milk.

Operating the mixer also can be done 3.5 plus but under adult supervision.

Avisha helps in whisking butter milk or mixing any other batter.

🥛Pouring & Transfering, the child can easily help in Transfering things from one bowl to another or also help in pouring idly batter in to the idly tray.

Avisha helps in Transfering things from one bowl to another.

This again increases hand eye coordination and improves stability.

Kitchen is a place where kids can learn a lot.

What are the other things that a child can do in the kitchen?

1. With the help of different sizes of Bowls and Boiling pot.

2. A train can be made with glasses & Cups

3. A drum set can be made with different vessels like different sizes and materials.

4. Kneading the dough & also Rolling it with the help of a Pin or cutting it with a toy knife.

Home made dough can be made by mixing little Corn flour powder, Maida, Food Color and Oil. Which is extremely safe and very attractive for the child.

You can also give plain Wheat dough to your child, If in case your child has the habit of putting everything in his/her mouth, you can add excess salt to the dough which will make it bitter & the child will stop putting it into their mouth.

5. Spoon shift from one place to an other, you can place spoons on one side of the kitchen platform and keep the spoon stand on the other side and ask them to transfer it from here to there, it’s a physical activity which will keep the toddler really engaged.

It’s really easy to divert a child, we need to have the right ways and the right equipments to do so, also the presence of mind. What helps in this situation is planning our child’s day by what activity should we do.


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