5 ways to Juggle between Work life & Mom Life

A Mom gives up on a lot of things post a baby. But we have the capacity to multi task, that’s when we have to juggle between being work life & Mom life.

It involves a lot of things when we have to juggle, definitely help is required.

I know Moms who take their child to office and go. My mom used to take me to office until we shifted with my grand parents.

I am a working mom but my timings are quiet flexible.

So these things helped me balance work life & Mom life

1. Seek Help:

If your going to be a working mom then make sure you have someone take care of the baby, grand parents, A Nanny, a day care etc.

Or opt for an organization where you’ve got flexible work timings or where you can take your child to office as well.

My MIL takes care of Avisha so I have no issues with leaving her behind.

2. Give your fullest while with your child:

Give your child utmost attention after your back from work. Make them eat, make them read a book, spend quality time. Make them realise that yes you love them and are there for them.

I always made sure to make her have dinner & also either take her for an evening walk or do an activity together.

Reading a book is a part of our night routine.

3. Talk to them about their day & your day:

Yes talk to your child, ask them on how their day was and what and all did they do, talk to them about what you did.

Tell them why is it necessary to leave them and go to work.

The moment I am back I ask Avisha on how her day was, gradually that became a routine and she started asking me about what I did the whole day & if I got back from office.

4. Speak to your child atleast twice while your away:

Keep track of what your child is doing, how their mood is. On and off take some surprise for your child, so they feel good. Don’t over rate the word surprise if not they won’t value it.

Call them up while your at office. Tell them that you love them & also you will be back soon.

Initially I never used to call her up, with the fear that she would start missing me.

But she did better after I started talking to her once or twice a day.

5. Dedicate your weekends for your child:

Make the weekends special, take them out for a physical activity, like swimming, cycling, walk to the park etc.

Spend some family time, cook their favorite food. Laze around in your pyjamas, take them out for a dinner or to a play area.

We make sure to take her out in the weekends. Saturday is park day or physical activity day and Sunday is either Shopping, Movie, Beach or Soft play area kind of day.

Juggling is a tough task at times you might feel low that your unable to spend time with you child, you might feel insecure and also mom guilt might hurt you. But end of the day circumstance is what makes us do certain things and we can easily cope up if we plan properly.

Also most importantly, manage your time well, stick to your timings no matter what & if your going to be late inform your child about it too.


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