5 Must know Home Remedies for Children.

We are in an age where we are confused between home remedies & Alopathy.

How do we differentiate on what treatment should be opted.

Let’s say, if your child is suffering with cold, then develops cough and also gradually fever which persists for more than 2 days then home remedy doesn’t work. You need to consult a doctor. But if it’s normal cold and cough then the best solution is Home Remedy.

These are tried and tested and works really well. Our elders are the best people to consult for home remedies.

1. Remedy for Cold:

Cold is really common in children until 1 year of age.

This is an oil which I make for Avisha, I avoid the usage of Vicks unless until travelling.

➡️In a small pan take 3 tbsps of Coconut oil, add 3-4 pieces of Camphor, add 1tsp of Ajwain seeds & a few drops of Eucalyptus oil.

Bring it to boil & turn off the gas, let the camphor melt completely.

Apply it on the child’s chest, feet & Back. Also make the child smell it a little bit.

It can be stored in a glass bottle after cooling down.

➡️You can also dry roast Ajwain in an iron pan by preheating it. Shift it into a cotton cloth, I use baby socks and make Avisha smell it.

This makes breathing easy, it’s the best for stuffy nose.

2. Remedy for Cough:

➡️Take 1 glass of water in a pan, add Ajwain or Indian Borage leaves in it, 1-2, add a pinch of turmeric, 1-2 pepper cons & 1 tbsp of Jaggery. Let it boil nicely and quantity of water should come down to 50% of what we put. Serve immediately.

Make the child drink this early morning.

This not only helps in soothing the cough but also helps in digestion & makes the child feel hungry.

3. Remedy for a wound:

➡️ Turmeric & Ghee act as the best medicine, heat ghee & add turmeric to it and apply it on the wounded area it helps in healing the wound fast.

4. Remedy for Stomach pain:

➡️ Asafoetida mixed with water can be applied around the belly when the child is suffering with Stomachache.

5. Remedy for Constipation:

Constipation is something which is common in children & is diet oriented.

Bowl movements depend on the diet of the child.

➡️ Sweet Lime, Grapes, or any fruit that has good water content works well for Constipation.

➡️ Tulsi/ Basil leaves can be used for treating constipation.

Also we need to take care of the child’s immunity, one thing which can be done is boil Tulsi leaves in water, add a little turmeric. After it cools down add a little honey and make your child drink it. Also the juice of Tulsi can be given along with Honey if you don’t want to add water to the leaves.


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