5 ways of serving Green Leafy Vegetables to your toddler

We know that Toddlers fuss a lot in eating green Leafy Vegetables, but they are really essential for their growth.

1. Parathas, Grind the leaves along with Fenugreek seeds, Cumin Seeds, Ajwain seeds, garlic, rock salt, salt and pepper. Mix it with whole wheat aata and knead the dough. They will definitely love it. You can also add a little bit of Dry Mango powder.

2. Dosa’s, The above ingredients can be ground, mixed with idly batter and can be served in the form of dosa.

3. Bread Toast, Corn Palak toast can be made in white sauce and served to your toddler, instead of the normal bread rusk can also be used.

4. Daal, Green Leafy Vegetables daal can be made and served along with rice or Chapati.

5. Soups & Patties also can be made, Palak can be used for soups and the other green Leafy Vegetables can be used in patties.

Our only motive is making our tod eat in some way or the other as this is the age they need high nutrients. So innovation is what helps when it comes to fussy eaters.

Tip: If in case they are not eating the parathas then you can make them eat with a little sauce, homemade preferably.

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  1. Parathas and soups are a favorite with my kids too. I can feed literally anything to my kids thats disgused in a paratha.


  2. These are some great food recommendations to include greens.


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